need some warmth. need some pink.

ahhhhhh, it´s snowing like hell and it just won´t stop. it´s really beautiful, all white and puffy but somehow i am desperatly longing for some warmer temperatures and more sunlight! 
some days ago i´ve been on a short shopping trip. just to see weather i can grab something really great and cheap on sale. somehow though i couldn´t find anything in all the mountains of sale. everything looked so worn-out to me. dirty and ripped in the wrong places =( however i found the most loveable jumper. covered with florals, bright floras. and the shoulders, they are sooooo puffy!!! ohhh i love it. will post a picture soon.
for now i´m posting some pinks.

ps. it would really make me happy if youd leave a comment about what you think about my blog ;)

xx, melina.

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