today is my first day back to school after the christmas break. oh well, it´s nice to see all the people again but other than that i´m already really annoyed. the last day of my break was one of the best. went for a shopping trip with my mom. i got a few amazing things. 

+the best leather jacket you can possibly think of-a brown/grey/worn off, boyish cut and the inlay...wow 

+an adorable, classy, black short coat-sooooooo nice paired with a russian-fur-cap

+light blue/worn off ,baggy fit toursers- in spring worn with ballerina or budapester flats

+light gray "walk in the park"-boots-ahhh still can´t believe that i can now call them my own, they´re sooooo soft and fall down your lower leg sooo naturally,just perfect.

(pictures coming ;) )

after all the shopping me and my mom went to see "rebound" with catherine-zeta jones...uhm wasn´t that good but the shopping was great instead!!


ohhh, and here are some pictures of what i got for christmas aswell as of what i got myself just after christmas. the belt (diesel) is the one i´m wearing in my first post, as i promised a better picture ;)

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