starting off.

finally i managed to get myself together. i set up my blog. 
well, as i´m really into blogging and searcing the web for more and more interesting and inspiring blogs i figured that i perhaps should try and start blogging myself.

christmas is over, everybody is talking about how much weight they gainded and i´m just happy to be surrounded by my lovely presents. 

ph- are taken by me
1+3 showing me wearing dotted tights, an a&b plaid shirt with ruffles, and the absolutely stunning diesel belt i purchased two years ago. i should post another/better photo showing it soon.
2 nailpolish, i´m addicted to at the moment. the sparkle and fade ones in two different greys and the lovely essies. midnight cami+ matte about you

i lovelovelove the matte one. i have it for quite some time already and seem to be using no other top coat. perhaps ever again. we´ll see.

however, i´m waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up as we are expected to hit our friends house for some drinkies. after that we´ll go partying. it´ll be a fun night.

x melina


  1. I love your tights! :-) good luck with blogging. A little tip: you could use websites like photobucket.com or tinypic.com for hosting your pictures, so the readers could see them more clearly :-)

  2. I love the tights!

  3. thanks for the comments =) makes me happy you´ve read it!! ;)

  4. kristiana, thanks a lot for the hint withe the pictures ;)