glimming and glowing

it´s been a restless day. puhhh. but wonderful anyway.
i´ve seen avatar. hahaha, i actually never wanted to go see it. i dind´t really liked the idea of he whole plot but then the movie we wanted to watch had no tickets left, so we went and saw avatar. 
wow. amazing. still i am completely overwhelmed. everything. the colours, the scenery, the 3d-effect, everything impressed me. the colours, especially the colours on pandora at night really got to me. all those lights. the soft neon lights, glimming and glowing, wow. 
eventhough, i tend to wear far more black, grey nad white, all the coloured lights inspired me to waer more colour. pherhaps no dashing orange or red but perhaps some soft neons here and there. 

the pictures i picked for todays post all show light and colour. maybe they even can bring some light and warmness into the wintery darkness. maybe.

x melina.

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