i´m wearing:
H&M-white tee

so here the promissed post of my fav. nail polish of the year!!! NEON.PINK.MATTE. how crazy is this?!?!? i am addicted to it. already bought it three times. just in case!
outfit-wise i chose one of my maxi combinations. i find it hard to find the right occasion to be wearing them...but i figured that NO OCCASION is the best one!! so here i go. feels great walking up stairs with having to lift up your skirt :) i prefere the maxi skirt paired with basics and simplicity. i am adding color with the accesories ;) do you guys like it?!? anyone going maxi too?!? would be curious to know!

oh and the last picture....i decided it was about time to reveal my very well kept secret! my TATTOO!!! 
i wanted it for about 2 1/2 years now and last month i finally got it!!! i am soooo damn happy with it! do you like it?!?
have a wonderfull day!!!
xx, m.