sorrysorry. got home sooo late yesterday. that blogging was the last on my mind.
i had one of THE most precious days of my life!!! i got my long wished for-TATTOO!!! WTF??!?!?! still cannot believe it. it came out soooo beautiful. i am seriously blown away.
straight after my tattoo appointment, we had the lykke li concert waiting for us. and lukily we arrived just perfect.
the concert was amazing. i don´t know wehter it is possible, but now i´m even more obsessed with lykke than before.
i took a short video, but haven´t seen it jet. if it turns out to be good, i´ll be uploading it!!
also, as soon as my tattoo looks healed and not as red as now, i´ll be showing you pictures!
for today-not sunny-i have a NEONproject on my mind. i hope i will be able to let you see the result later today!?
for now, enjoy your day and make the most out of it!!
xx, m.

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