MTWTFSS-blue/pink racer back tops

H&M-nude colored wedges

here some of the other newest adds to my closet :) i´m sooooo tired today. and there is sooo much to do..bääähhh. anyway, spent some hours in the sun reading and drinking coffee. afterwards i did some tinytiny shopping and now i´m back home in my room which is looking like a hurricane rushed trough it...gotta tidy up actually but i guess that has to wait till i had a nice nap.
fashion-wise i picked some ankle lenght cargo skinnies, paired with my rather new jeans jacket and the new H&M nude wedges. the outfit is perfect for todays weather, as it´s kind of blurry outside...and sun isn´t really showing...
whatever, i gotta keep going. take care!!
xx, m.

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